Renewable Energy Events - 2006 

This list is compiled to provide information on conferences, seminars, workshops and public meetings relevant to renewable energy applications. Select your application:

Green Power  (electricity)
Green Fuel (transportation)
Green Heat  (space / water conditioning)
Non-specific / combinations

Green Power   (wind, solar PV, small hydro, geothermal, tidal, wave)
October 26-27, 2006
Hilton Lac-Leamy, Gatineau, Québec
Forum on Hydropower 2006: Partnering for a Renewable Energy Future
Organized by the Canadian Hydropower Association, the Forum on Hydropower 2006: Partnering for a Renewable Energy Future, will focus on developing opportunities for the hydropower industry to work together with other renewable energy sources. To register or for more information, contact Gabrielle Collu at 514 844-7338 or by email at


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Green Heat   (earth energy - geothermal, solar thermal, biomass)


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Green Fuel   (ethanol, biodiesel)

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Non-specific / Combined Applications  (hybrids, cogen)


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How to list your event:

All listings must have a direct relevance to renewable energy applications in Canada; your event summary must explain this relevance and your hotlink must show it immediately.  Provide the following details to for consideration.

  1. application category   (from above list)
  2. start date / end date
  3. province, city, site   (meeting facility)
  4. direct URL
  5. title of conference
  6. summary of event   (50 word max)

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